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OFW Hotel Manila at Crown Bay Tower





OFW Hotel Manila offers complimentary airport shuttle, a free pick up, to the Hotel. If you prefer to take a taxi ride, here’s some tips for you. At any of the Terminals 1,2,3 when you step out of the airport arrivals building, walk toward the right side toward the taxi areas. Use the white taxi, there are security people that will direct you to their designated parking areas. They have the cheaper meter.

The OFW Hotel Manila is 1 mile away, 15 minutes’ ride toward Roxas Blvd and NAIA Rd.

Please instruct the taxi driver to take you to Pacific Coast Plaza condominium located at the Service road of Roxas Blvd. the taxi driver shall either take the ff. routes

  1. Toward the Chinese temple at Barangay don Galo then turn toward the service road of Roxas Blvd


  1. Toward the Barangay Tambo hall and take the Roxas Blvd service road to Pacific Coast Plaza condominium. the service road entrance is near KFC at the stop light of NAIA rd. and Roxas Blvd. Tricycles are parked in the corners and the view is obscured.

Your OFW contacts are Rhoan, Aisa and Joe.

OFW # 1702 Pacific Coast Plaza Condominium 1 Villamar St, Barangay Tambo Paranaque, Philippines 1701


(02)809 3581

Skype: pinas ofw

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